The Team

Stichting AERES groep (The Netherlands)

Stichting AERES groep is the lead partner of this project. They challenge (future) professionals to have a life long development of their competences and worth for employer or clients. We believe in a society which constantly develops the knowledge and skills needed for working sustainably with ‘life’. Vision Dutch knowledge and skills within the green sector are trendsetting in the world. On international agenda’s themes like a viable environment and food security take top positions. By working together, learning organisations, entrepreneurial professionals and students can create worthwhile solutions for the future.


Johan Mulder –


Stichting Incubator Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

Stichting Incubator Leeuwarden (INQ) is for all ambitious entrepreneurs (of the future) who would like to establish themselves in Leeuwarden. Inqubator provides start-ups with an office, knowledge, network, advice, training and workshops in cooperation with business and educational partners.

Besides that, Inqubator Leeuwarden is involved in several European projects to strengthen their own offer or contribute to local development.

Lotte Duursma –

Laptify (The Netherlands)

Laptify is an organisation that assists organisations with their IT requirements. For example, it builds and maintains websites and it can also develop state of the art mobile applications for start-ups – Netherlands.

Johan de Jager –

EOLAS S.L. (Spain)

EOLAS S.L. is an organisation that offers support for organizations and enterprises in three key areas: project management and project support, innovation and business development and consultancy

Manon van Leeuwen –

Profesionalna gimnazia Asen Zlatarov (PGAZ) (Bulgaria)

Profesionalna gimnazia Asen Zlatarov (PGAZ) is the biggest high-school in the district of Vidin. Annually the school trains on average about 400 students in the field of economy, tourism and electronics. Each year between 20 and 40 students conduct their practices in various partner organizations in the EU, while about 30 youths and teachers work on diversified topics with colleagues and peers from more than 10 European countries. During the last year the school worked under 4 Erasmus+ project.

Siya Mihaylova –

Grundzales pamatskola (GRUND) (Latvia)

Grundzales pamatskola (GRUND)  is coeducational establishment meeting the academic, social and physical need of pupils within 7-16 age range. It is a typical school in the Latvian countryside with 96 pupils and 46 at the pre-school now. The school is very active in sports, social projects, environmental issues and other areas that are on the concern of the community. There are three folk-dancing groups, choir, sport groups and Young Guards at school. Their goal with this Erasmus+ collaboration is to increase understanding and knowledge about the other countries and their education system and teaching methods.

Dace Kalniņa –