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Explore the SUPERHEROES Programme, an Erasmus+ funded initiative, designed to increase awareness of environmental and social issues among students aged 12-16 through engaging lesson plans focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aimed at teachers and students, it offers innovative approaches to learning, encouraging active citizenship, and enhancing intercultural skills. Download the detailed lesson plan below to integrate SDGs into your curriculum and contribute to a more sustainable and socially aware future. P.s. If the programme is not completely to you liking have a look at the action plans.


Through real-life examples and experiences shared by participants, SUPERHEROES impact comes to life in the SUPERHEROES E-Book. Discover how young people and teachers are making a difference, gaining valuable skills, and fostering a culture of leadership and social responsibility. Explore the E-Book to find inspiration and practical insights for your own journey towards positive change.

Action plan

Implement SUPERHEROES into you own classroom! This package offers two options: an Action Plan for Teachers and a School-Wide Strategy, each made to improve environmental and social awareness among students. These guides not only provide a roadmap for incorporating global challenges into classroom discussions but also lay the groundwork for creating a culture of active citizenship and intercultural skills. Download now to implement the SUPERHEROES programme into your classroom or school.

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